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Message from the Youth Pastor

20th June 2021

Dear Friends

One of my highlights of the last fortnight has been the afternoon when a class of 5 & 6 year-olds from one of the local primary schools came to visit the church: the first school visit since Christmas 2019! It was lovely to be able to welcome them into the building and talk with them about the church and the gospel.

Their teacher had taught them about Christmas and Easter and about a few of the things that Jesus said and did (not just because she is a Christian but because that's what is on the curriculum) and we "did" the parable of the Good Samaritan. Jesus seldom explained the parables that He told and often answered the questions that people asked Him with more questions. The children would have been at home with that kind of approach – they had loads of questions and were able to think for themselves about what the parable means.

One of the hidden treasures of our church building is the room where Sunday school happens. As the children explored that room and saw all the pictures, posters and models that other children had made and been inspired by during their Sunday school sessions, they discovered so much more about Jesus. They experienced something of the awe and wonder of a "so much more powerful and bigger than us" God. (We might use "posh" words like majestic or holy!).

As we worship Him day by day and discover more of Him ourselves, let's remember too that many of those around us are open to hearing from us about our Saviour and will have questions of their own to ask us if we give them the chance. Let's pray together for vision and wisdom to know how He wants us to connect and re-connect with our community in the next few months.