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Stoneleigh Baptist Church

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Church Finances

Stoneleigh Baptist Church is entirely self-supporting. All the costs of the ministry, running the church, and the support of missionaries are met from the offerings of the fellowship.

When giving donations by cheque, please make payable to "Stoneleigh Baptist Church" (in full, not abbreviated to SBC). Thank you.

While we are restricted from passing offering collection bags in services ...

If you want to make gifts for the church offering please use the bank details provided in the recent email, post a cheque or put a clearly marked envelope with a cheque/ cash through the church letter box and we will make sure it is safely paid in.

Thank you.

Gift Aid

The church is entitled to reclaim tax on gifts under the Gift Aid Scheme, and individuals are encouraged to use the Scheme if they can (if you pay UK income tax then you will usually be able to use the scheme).

Please note that this does not cost you, the giver, any extra but can greatly benefit the church. The Church Treasurer will be happy to advise on this further.

download giftaid.pdf Please download a gift aid form, complete it and return it to the Church Office.

Stoneleigh Baptist Church is a charity registered in England and Wales (registered number 1126699).



Church flowers


The church flowers rota is available in the vestibule if you would like to sign-up to make a contribution towards the cost (typically £15-£20) of fresh flowers displayed in church for any particular week, perhaps to mark a special occasion etc.

Please also let us know if you would like to be considered to join the team who purchase and arrange the flowers in the church each week.