Stoneleigh Baptist
Stoneleigh Baptist Church

sowing seeds of hope in the community



The origins of the Church go back to 1934, when Christians who were moving into Stoneleigh as part of the development of surburbia saw the need to meet together.

They worshipped first in a sports pavilion in Richlands Avenue, and then in the school in Chadacre Road (now Nonsuch Primary School). The original church hall was built in 1935 and on 4th January 1936 Stoneleigh Baptist Church was formally constituted under the guidance of Rev. Aubrey Moore, the Minister of Cheam Baptist Church. Part of the declaration made by the original 36 members reads as follows:

"... A company of men and women who have individually experienced the new and spiritual birth, receiving Christ as our Saviour, and thereby having become children of God, we here and now dedicate ourselves to Him.  We declare ourselves to be a Church of Jesus Christ ..."


Up to date

Since those early days, the Church has continued to witness to the Good News about Jesus Christ, and has seen considerable development and change.

One of the hopes of the original members was realised in 1962 when the main Church building was opened, enabling the original building to be used as a Church Hall.

A further major redevelopment was begun in the summer of 1997 and was completed in 1998. This involved the demolition and rebuilding of all but the main church building, which itself was adapted to meet anticipated future needs including flexible seating and partition arrangements.

The vision of the present members is that, in fulfilling their responsibilities for providing new facilities for the future, the buildings will provide a centre for outreach and witness to the community in the years to come.


Pastors of the Church
Horace Warde 1936-1942
David W Jelleyman 1942-1947
Leslie Stephenson 1949-1951
Peter J H Brewer 1951-1958
Malcolm D Soanes 1959-1965
Peter J Nash 1967-1978
J Stanley Firth 1981-1984
Peter E A Birchinall 1986-1998
Graham Dawson 2001-2017
Gavin Hunter 2019-present