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Interested in finding out more about church membership here in Stoneleigh?

We regularly hold link-up sessions to explain what it means to be a member of Stoneleigh Baptist Church.

Please call for more details.


What it means to be a church member of Stoneleigh Baptist Church

  1. To be a whole hearted committed follower and learner of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. To live in love and forgiveness with God and other Christians.
  3. To feed on God's Word, the Bible, each day.
  4. To regularly spend time with God in prayer for the church family here and overseas, and for God's World.
  5. To meet with God's people each Sunday in worship, for teaching, prayer and fellowship.
  6. To seek the fullness of the Holy Spirit - to display His fruit and to use His gifts.
  7. To spread the Good News of God's love wherever and whenever.
  8. To participate in church fellowship activities for evangelism, corporate prayer, social action, communion, promoting missionary interests etc.
  9. To develop meaningful relationships through homegroups or youth activities.
  10. To give money to God's work here and overseas (see giving).
  11. To be open to leadership and pastoral care.
  12. To offer hospitality and share possessions.
  13. To take responsibility in discovering and deciding what God would have this local church be and do through members' meetings.
  14. To serve and help others using personal gifts and abilities in Jesus' Name.
  15. To live adventurously by trusting Christ and His promises.